Video-Editing Software for Windows

1. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is one of the best PC video editing application. With an intuitive interface, the software is easy to use and has features that are very complete and useful to the process than Corel VideoStudio video editing and Adobe Premiere are expensive license price. Well, you can try AVS Video Editor as a step to a more affordable alternative.

This application has a relatively small file size. However, dihadirkannya features no less complete. One advantage is the use of video technology cache so that the process of editing Full HD video can run more smoothly and quickly. For editing, you have the option Timeline that will separate between video editing, effects, text, and audio. You can do the trimming, cutting and merging some effects and make a whole video file. Oh yes, there are over 300 video effects or transitions.
2. Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13

One of the best video editing software which may often you hear is Sony Vegas. Software made by Sony is now no doubt their work in terms of making videos and music. They made software is very capable with features that are very much and you could say this is a professional-grade video editing software, but it has the ease of operation.

Despite being a rival to Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X is targeting the market for industry professionals, Sony was still wanted its software remains comfortable to use for amateurs though. Ie with a simple Timeline, you just drag the video to be edited to the Track column. Later Track will be divided into video and sound. You can stack multiple live video on a different track. Videos that are at the top is a video that will appear. You just have to cut the video by pressing S and then integrating it with other videos. You can also separate audio and video by pressing U.
3. VirtualDub


VirtualDub is a video editing application for free on the PC for the Windows platform. This software is very simple to say as a video maker and also can be regarded as a video editor. Because, VirtualDub has features for recording images on a computer screen. You can save the video that you created or edited in AVI format. Not only it features offered by VirtualDub, there are features such as remove and replace the audio of the video that you want, can give effect to blur, sharpen, Embas, and others.

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