Edit Photos app in Windows PC Computers

Grand-Total.com – Often, when people talk applications Edit photos on a PC computer or better known as graphic design software, the ends always call Photoshop software as the most recommended, but sebenanya if you want to edit pictures and so on in order to be unique, funny, cool and bahakn when it would be made as a cartoon picture not only have to use Photoshop, there are many other applications which, although not well known but the functionality is very complete yet. But for Caraspot, choose the good ones actually no problem as long as it remains as light as Android and Instagram, as with so that we can perform photo editing quickly and does not take a long time.

Photo editing application is basically a lot of species that are sometimes distinguished by function, such as the need to create the effect of a face are diverse, but this is usually a lot more that the online versions or displaying images in GIF form. Or animated light without the need for complicated settings, in which case we recommend Photoscape because it’s easier to use and there need only click-click here to see the end result. In essence, a lot of selection of photo editing application PC that we can use, depending on its purpose for what it is, whether to create images such as cartoons, sketches, frames or photo in the frame on its side, etc. are all important use for the everyday needs of our , particularly in managing social jejearing such as Facebook and Twitter.
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Below you can choose whether the application is a paid or free and light used for the beginner and just learning. But if you like that its complete and it looks good then it must spend more deeply in order to have it legally. Not only must choose Photoshop as other names also begin Nauk leaves you can try who knows much more attractive, and comfortable.
A. Complete Feature and Best

If the good stuff generally have to buy and sometimes the price is not cheap, so too in the world of software, because it is made with a very complex and takes a lot so every single application serial number are sometimes valued at least $ 50. But it is sometimes a lot of irresponsible people who download unlicensed sharenya maker.
1. Photoshop

If you’re already used to edit photos via PC then Photoshop is the best choice for that. This is because the features and functions of the buttons in it reserved for professionals who are already proficient. So here we are not just click and see the results immediately, but there are steps that must be taken in order to produce images that cool and interesting and artistic. If you want to have it legally then it certainly should buy it because it is a paid app, whether it’s through the Internet or any online seller to the software CD that accompanied the tax as a sign that he is not ‘bajaqan’ (sorry disguised). But if you just want to try it bisalah first download its trial.
Some of the advantages that make phtoshop as the best photo editing application in the world are:

Most suitable for photo editing faces because there are a lot of editing techniques in it, ranging from whitening, eliminate acne and dark spots, diminish wrinkles on the face, giving eyeshadow and lipstick, etc. are supposing if you want berphoto then dandannya after photo wrote, not previous need for Photoshop features it is equipped for such purpose.
In addition to photo editing PC software is also able to create and process the image becomes better.
Well suited to the needs of a variety of forms of writing with certain effects, such writings as orange peel skin and others.
Creating unique textures like leaves, splashing water, and other models more innovative designer liking.
Perform image editing or photo for the purpose of use in a website or blog, as do the slice to occur ptotongan pieces of small images that aim to be easily opened even with the Internet network yagn slow, create animated images gif, photo compression to be smaller in size and so forth.

2. Adobe Lightroom

If you meet any software or applications made by Adobe it certainly is generally nice and convenient to use. Now included with Adobe’s Lightroom. Little did I want infokan also why it is included in the list of the best photo editing application in Caraspot. So this is, indeed previously had often heard of him but later found ‘ngeh when I work with who is good really design and layout notify that Lightroom is said, is much better than Photoshop and more sophisticated, and he said well, the picture quality is even far outshines its predecessor. . He (CIEH … .sopan bingit) adds that one of the i

Video-Editing Software for Windows

1. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is one of the best PC video editing application. With an intuitive interface, the software is easy to use and has features that are very complete and useful to the process than Corel VideoStudio video editing and Adobe Premiere are expensive license price. Well, you can try AVS Video Editor as a step to a more affordable alternative.

This application has a relatively small file size. However, dihadirkannya features no less complete. One advantage is the use of video technology cache so that the process of editing Full HD video can run more smoothly and quickly. For editing, you have the option Timeline that will separate between video editing, effects, text, and audio. You can do the trimming, cutting and merging some effects and make a whole video file. Oh yes, there are over 300 video effects or transitions.
2. Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13

One of the best video editing software which may often you hear is Sony Vegas. Software made by Sony is now no doubt their work in terms of making videos and music. They made software is very capable with features that are very much and you could say this is a professional-grade video editing software, but it has the ease of operation.

Despite being a rival to Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X is targeting the market for industry professionals, Sony was still wanted its software remains comfortable to use for amateurs though. Ie with a simple Timeline, you just drag the video to be edited to the Track column. Later Track will be divided into video and sound. You can stack multiple live video on a different track. Videos that are at the top is a video that will appear. You just have to cut the video by pressing S and then integrating it with other videos. You can also separate audio and video by pressing U.
3. VirtualDub


VirtualDub is a video editing application for free on the PC for the Windows platform. This software is very simple to say as a video maker and also can be regarded as a video editor. Because, VirtualDub has features for recording images on a computer screen. You can save the video that you created or edited in AVI format. Not only it features offered by VirtualDub, there are features such as remove and replace the audio of the video that you want, can give effect to blur, sharpen, Embas, and others.