Qualify for the Asian Cup, Indonesia National Team Coach Will Rombak Team?

Qualify for the Asian Cup, Indonesia National Team Coach Will Rombak Team?

Timnas Indonesia success in the U-16 Asian Cup qualifying in Thailand. They always win four matches.

Finally Fakhri Husaini’s foster children overthrew Laos 3-0 at Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok on Friday (9/22/2010) before the U-16 national team defeated the Northern Mariana Islands 18-0 in the opening match and the national team also conquered East Timor (3-1) and Thailand (1-0).

With this result, the Indonesian national team follow in the footsteps of Malaysia which ensured the U-16 Asian Cup as hosts, Iran (Group E) and Yemen (Group C).

Related to that, U-16 national team coach Fakhri Husaini is considering to replace or retain the players ahead of the U-16 AFC Cup final which will take place in Malaysia in September-October 2018.

According to Fakhri, they will conduct an evaluation considering Indonesia is a vast country with high talented players scattered in all regions.

“We are very proud and happy because our team can win all the matches in qualifying match,” said Fakhri.

On the other hand, Fakhri also appreciated the struggle of foster children who have struggled and avenged the defeat against two teams namely Thailand and Laos in the AFF Cup 2017.

“The key to the game this time is I replace the players who rarely lowered, but I also do not change too many players in every game,” said Fakhri.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian national team striker U-16 Rendy Juliansyah claimed satisfied after being able to contribute to the team with a penalty goal in additional second half of Laos.

“I hope our team can survive and perform better ahead of the U-16 Asian Cup final in Malaysia in 2018,” he said.

Satria Tama Speaking of Leisure News Club Malaysia

Satria Tama Speaking of Leisure News Club Malaysia

U-22 national team goalkeeper, Satria Tama, is rumored to be in the hunt for one of the Malaysian club.

Previously, there is a discourse that states that each participant Super League Malaysia next season must use a foreign player from Southeast Asia.

Thanks to ciamik appearance throughout the SEA Games in 2017, Satria Tama was rumored to be ogled one of the country’s home country club.

“Yes, there is a lot of growing news that says that, but I want to focus on completing the contract with Persegres,” Tama said.

“I want to be professional, my contract is finished after League 1. After that, I just think about the continuation of my career,” said the Sidoarjo-born goalkeeper.

Interestingly, when asked if there is already a Malaysian club who contacted him, the goalkeeper had thought for a while to answer it.

“Hmm … Not yet, but if there I can be better and growing, why not,” said Tama.

Timnas Indonesia Vs Thailand, List of Garuda Young Backs

Timnas Indonesia Vs Thailand, List of Garuda Young Backs

Media Officer PSSI for national team U-22 Indonesia released the number of backs that will be used Hansamu Yama Pranata et al Agen Togel Online.

In the list of back numbers, one favorite number, seven, nobody to wear.

Evan Dimas Darmono is still using the number he used to wear and so the identity of the player’s number, ie six.


Meanwhile, the naturalized striker, Ezra Walian, uses a sacred number for the attacker, which is 10.

Captain U-22 Indonesia at SEA Games 2017, Hansamu Yama, using the number 23 back.

The Garuda Young squad will start the struggle against Thailand on Tuesday (15/08/2017) afternoon.

Here’s a list of the back number of U-22 Indonesia national team players at SEA Games 2017:
1. Satria Tama
2. Putu Gede
3. Andy Setyo
4. Ryuji Utomo
6. Evan Dimas
8. M Hargianto
10. Ezra Walian
11. Gavin Kwan
Febri Hariyadi
14. Asnawi Mangkualam
15. Ricky Fajrin
17. Saddil Ramdani
20. Kartika Ajie
21. Hanif Abdurrauf
22. Yabes Roni
23. Hansamu Yama
24. Marinus Mariyanto
25. Osvaldo Haay
28. M Rezaldi Hehanusa
29. Septian David Maulana

Guessing Lilipaly’s Back Number in Bali United

Guessing Lilipaly’s Back Number in Bali United

Stefano Lilipaly officially strengthens Bali United. It was announced Bali United on Saturday (08/12/2017) early morning hrs.

One interesting thing about joining Lilipaly is the number of backs she will wear while strengthening Bali United.

According to sources Kompas.com, Lilipaly will wear back number with a combination number.

“The number is a secret, but two digits, too,” said the source.

Lilipaly is identical with the number 8 backs like the one he wore at SC Cambuur or the national team.

However, he is no stranger to the combination of numbers for the back number. He once wore the number 26 (SC Telstar), 41 (Consodole Sapporo), 18 (Almere City), and 31 (FC Utrecht).

Ezechiel Set Realistic Target with Persib

Ezechiel Set Realistic Target with Persib

Newer recruit Persib Bandung, Ezechiel N’Douassel, set a realistic target. As a debutant player, he hopes to bring Persib finish at least in the runner-up position of League 1 Indonesia.

Targets that he stretched quite reasonable when referring to the current Persib ratings are still stumbling on the middle board standings. Until the 18th week, Maung Bandung entrenched in the 14th position, 11 points adrift of top standings while Madura United.

“I am very confident ready to defend Persib.I want Persib at least get to the position of three or two at the end of the season,” said the Chadian player, in a press conference at Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanja, Tuesday (08/08/2017).

29-year-old player was too grubby about the goal scored goals. According to him, the affairs of productivity can not rely on the ability of individuals.

He hopes to maximize his team mates in scoring affairs.

“Goals depend on team mates but I definitely want to make all bobotoh happy,” he said.

Ezechiel admitted in a fit physical condition. He also hopes to perform when Persib melakoni counter cons Arema FC this weekend.

“For the opponent Arema is ready.Yesterday if there was a match I was ready to play, but yesterday there was a medical test after I flew 19 hours,” he said.

Indra Sjafri Repeats Three U-19 National Team Players

Indra Sjafri Repeats Three U-19 National Team Players

Indonesia U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri, repatriates three players from the final stage training camp (TC) in Yogyakarta Situs Poker. Nevertheless, the three players have been registered to the AFF.

“There are three players who are repatriated, not crossed out,” Indra said after an internal game at Yogyakarta State University Stadium (UNY), Saturday (05/08/2017) morning.

Indra explained that the three players who were repatriated were unable to compete with other players. They are Raka, Nicholas and Elias.

According to Indra, every week there will be evaluation and downsizing of players. Thus, there will be 23 players who will be brought to AFF Cup U-18 Myanmar in September 2017.

“Clearly all the players who have now been registered to the AFF PSSI.There are 36 players registered,” he explained.

Indra said that the returned players will be able to re-enter because they have been officially registered to AFF.

From the site pssi.org is currently remaining 28 players.

Ibrahimovic ready to return to United

Ibrahimovic ready to return to United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, reportedly will soon return to Manchester United, if the team returned to peak performance Situs Judi Online.

He is currently in the process of injury recovery, but he still has the intention to return, and right now he is struggling to recover his condition.

But if the Red Devils get back badly and away from the hopes of the English Premier League trophy, he prefers to look for other clubs who want to use his services.

So far, LA Galaxy is most often touted as the club of choice Ibrahimovic, if indeed he is no longer a foster boy Jose Mourinho, he may be docked there.

5 League Players 1 Who Are Out of Contract Before The Second Transfer Exchange

5 League Players 1 Who Are Out of Contract Before The Second Transfer Exchange

PT Liga Indonesia Baru as the operator of the new League 1 opened the second transfer volume market on 16 July to 15 August, and even then for foreign players Situs Judi Bola. Transfer players for local players are open from 31 July to 18 August.

However, a number of players have decided to resign for different reasons. There are rarely opportunities, there are offers from other clubs until the action is less praiseworthy which causes management irritated to the player.

Football.com summarizes five players who decided to resign from his club before the transfer window opened. Who are they?

1. Zulham Zamrun (Mitra Kukar)
Zulham became the first player in League 1 to decide to resign from his club before the first round transfer market opened. This Maluku player confirms the reason for his withdrawal because it does not feel like a warmer bench.

During the Dragon Mekes where Zulham is always used by other players. Especially the Jafri Sastra coach who put the U-23 players namely Septian David Maulana and Yogi Rahardian in his position. Jafri also rarely play because Zulham constrained fitness problems so some times his name is not included in the list of players.

Total 29-year-old footballer is only derived five times from all matches that have been played Dragon Mekes and make it back in the tenth week of League 1. Moreover, Zulham started all the game from the bench.

2. Thiago Cunha (Barito Putera)
Thiago Cunha has not uniformed Barito Putera since the match against Persib Bandung or the 11th week of League 1. The main reason this Brazilian attacker was released because he got an offer from Thai club Chonburi FC.
Management of Laskar Antar Sari who see this do not want to hold it especially the heart of the player is not the club. Even management released Cunha for free despite a transfer offer from the Thai club, considering Cunha is still under contract.

Barito now has a replacement Cunha Willian Lira. The players themselves have been introduced to the public and follow the exercise. The new Lira can be played when the second transfer market opens.

3. Hisyam Tolle (Persiba Balikpapan)
Ahmad Hisyam Tolle is known as a player who often performs an indislipliner. This time he did when costumed Persiba Balikpapan. Being punished as a result of his indispliner, he was excommunicated and underwent a separate exercise.

Because of this Tolle finally decided to terminate his contract with Persiba. Now his status is unemployed and certainly difficulty remembering some of the previous clubs Tolle is so troublemaker.

4. Dave Mustaine (Persegres Gresik)
After the Eid holiday, shocking news came from Persegres Gresik. Yes, one of the flagship players, Dave Mustaine decided to no longer uniformed Laskar Joko Samudro.

Related reasons for his resignation, Dave admitted because of the opportunity to play in Persegres is very minimal. He is more often on the bench, often not even included in the list of players.

Currently, players from Sidoarjo claimed to have not determined the step for the second round. He chose to spend time at home with family.

5. Boubacar Sanogo (Madura United)
Sanogo became a player who eventually dumped before the second transfer window opened. The fundamental reason for termination of the contract is none other than because the former German club player, Wender Bremen has not contributed and more inhabit the bench. Sanogo scored just one goal in the ninth week on June 1.

Now Madura United already has three foreign legions who will be selected to replace the role of Boubacar Sanogo. Not only Sanogo alone, the possibility of Dane Milavanovic can not play until the end of the season because of disrupted kejiwaannya and is currently being treated in Australia.