5 League Players 1 Who Are Out of Contract Before The Second Transfer Exchange

5 League Players 1 Who Are Out of Contract Before The Second Transfer Exchange

PT Liga Indonesia Baru as the operator of the new League 1 opened the second transfer volume market on 16 July to 15 August, and even then for foreign players Situs Judi Bola. Transfer players for local players are open from 31 July to 18 August.

However, a number of players have decided to resign for different reasons. There are rarely opportunities, there are offers from other clubs until the action is less praiseworthy which causes management irritated to the player.

Football.com summarizes five players who decided to resign from his club before the transfer window opened. Who are they?

1. Zulham Zamrun (Mitra Kukar)
Zulham became the first player in League 1 to decide to resign from his club before the first round transfer market opened. This Maluku player confirms the reason for his withdrawal because it does not feel like a warmer bench.

During the Dragon Mekes where Zulham is always used by other players. Especially the Jafri Sastra coach who put the U-23 players namely Septian David Maulana and Yogi Rahardian in his position. Jafri also rarely play because Zulham constrained fitness problems so some times his name is not included in the list of players.

Total 29-year-old footballer is only derived five times from all matches that have been played Dragon Mekes and make it back in the tenth week of League 1. Moreover, Zulham started all the game from the bench.

2. Thiago Cunha (Barito Putera)
Thiago Cunha has not uniformed Barito Putera since the match against Persib Bandung or the 11th week of League 1. The main reason this Brazilian attacker was released because he got an offer from Thai club Chonburi FC.
Management of Laskar Antar Sari who see this do not want to hold it especially the heart of the player is not the club. Even management released Cunha for free despite a transfer offer from the Thai club, considering Cunha is still under contract.

Barito now has a replacement Cunha Willian Lira. The players themselves have been introduced to the public and follow the exercise. The new Lira can be played when the second transfer market opens.

3. Hisyam Tolle (Persiba Balikpapan)
Ahmad Hisyam Tolle is known as a player who often performs an indislipliner. This time he did when costumed Persiba Balikpapan. Being punished as a result of his indispliner, he was excommunicated and underwent a separate exercise.

Because of this Tolle finally decided to terminate his contract with Persiba. Now his status is unemployed and certainly difficulty remembering some of the previous clubs Tolle is so troublemaker.

4. Dave Mustaine (Persegres Gresik)
After the Eid holiday, shocking news came from Persegres Gresik. Yes, one of the flagship players, Dave Mustaine decided to no longer uniformed Laskar Joko Samudro.

Related reasons for his resignation, Dave admitted because of the opportunity to play in Persegres is very minimal. He is more often on the bench, often not even included in the list of players.

Currently, players from Sidoarjo claimed to have not determined the step for the second round. He chose to spend time at home with family.

5. Boubacar Sanogo (Madura United)
Sanogo became a player who eventually dumped before the second transfer window opened. The fundamental reason for termination of the contract is none other than because the former German club player, Wender Bremen has not contributed and more inhabit the bench. Sanogo scored just one goal in the ninth week on June 1.

Now Madura United already has three foreign legions who will be selected to replace the role of Boubacar Sanogo. Not only Sanogo alone, the possibility of Dane Milavanovic can not play until the end of the season because of disrupted kejiwaannya and is currently being treated in Australia.

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